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Bellow seal globe valve

Bellows sealed globe valves are emission-free and maintenance-free. A continuous metal barrier is located between the pipeline and the environment. Components that undergo relative movements during valve operation are welded to the ends of a metal bellows that absorbs and compensates for movement. Therefore, these valves are suitable for any fluid and are recommended when zero emission performance is required to protect the environment and workers' health from contaminating leaks, to prevent costly waste due to wasted energy and fluid, and to eliminate significant costs. replacement of packaging. In conclusion, the valves are especially suited for hazardous, flammable, deadly and explosive environments.

Bellow seal gate valve

The stem of the bellows valve has a double seal structure of bellows and packing to provide a tight seal on the valve stem, which is especially suitable for pipelines with flammable, explosive, toxic and precious media. The bellows seal design has reasonable design, fatigue resistance and long service life.

Globe valve

A globe valve refers to shut-off valves in which the shut-off element moves parallel to the axis of the flow of the working medium. Like other types of shut-off valves, shut-off valves are used to completely shut off their flow area, and, consequently, the flow of the working medium; that is, the locking element, which is most often a spool in the shut-off valve, is in the extreme positions "open" or "closed" during operation.

Lift check valve

Lift check valves are a type of protective pipeline fittings designed to prevent a change in the direction of the flow of the medium in the process system. Check valves allow the medium to pass in one direction and prevent it from moving in the opposite direction, acting automatically and being a direct-acting valve. With the help of reverse fittings, it is possible to protect various equipment, pipelines, pumps and pressure vessels, as well as significantly limit the flow of the working medium from the system when its section is destroyed.
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