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Globe valve

Globe valve

Model: VK911,VK912,VK913

Size range: DN15-DN400

Pressure range: PN16-PN100

Materials: LCB, WCB(1.0619), CF8,CF8M, CF3M

Temperature: 38 to 425°C


1. 阀体采用精密铸造工艺,先进的工艺了确保阀体无砂眼,表现光滑,质量更可靠。

    The valve body adopts investment casting technology. Advanced technology to ensure that the valve body has no sand holes, surface more smooth  and quality more reliable.

2. 上密封结构,当阀门全开时,上密封结构将起到额外的密封作用,具有行程定位和抗振功能。

    Back seat structure. In the fully open position, back seat will form a extra sealing, with stroke locate and anti-vibration function.

3. 堆焊阀座,即使在恶劣工况下,也能确保可靠的密封。

    Overlay welded seat can keep reliable sealing under severe conditions.

4. 人体工程学设计手轮,使用寿命更长,操作轻松便捷且安全可靠。

    Ergonomic hand wheel. It provide longer service life and easier Operation.


制造标准:DIN EN 13709:2003,GB 12235 结构长度:DIN EN 558-1,GB12221
法兰标准:DIN 1092-2002,HG 20592,GB9113 Welding End Standard:DIN EN 12627
试验标准:DIN EN 12266, GB 13927


公称压力 1.6Mpa 2.5Mpa 4.0Mpa
密封试验 1.8MPa 2.8MPa 4.4MPa
壳体强度 2.4MPa 3.6MPa 6.0MPa
适用温度 425℃

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