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Control valve

Control valve

Model: CK811,CK812, CK813...

Size range: DN15 - DN500

Pressure range: PN16-PN40

Materials: LCB, GS-C25(WCB), CF8,CF8M

Temperature: -38 to 425 °C

Design specifications:

Design and manufacture: GB/T 12235, DIN EN 13709:2003
Face to face: GB/T 12221, DIN EN 558-1
End connection dimensions: HG/T 20592, DIN EN 1092-1
Pressure-temperature: GB/T 9131 ASME B16.34 HG 20592
Test-inspection: GB/T 13927 GB/T 9092 API 598

Helium mass spectrometry leak detection: API 602 MSS SP-117

Application: Suitable for precise control of gas, liquid and other media process parameters such as pressure,flow, temperature, level at a given value. Particularly suitable for leakageswhere a high level of leakage is required.

Design features:

1: fluid channel is S streamline, small pressure drop loss, allowable differential pressure, low noise, in line with environmental requirements.

2: Pneumatic single seat valve adjustable range, inherent adjustable ratio of 50.

3: Piston type film shape actuator is more suitable for high frequency work,life test is 100000 times.

4: Exclusive bellows seal to improve service life and ensure good flow characteristics.

Actuators: electric, diaphragm type pneumatic, piston type pneumatic

Options: limit switches, filters, solenoid valves, emergency handwheels

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